Strengthen Your Bookkeeping Skills With a Certificate in Small Business Accounting

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Small Business Accounting Certificate | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Learn the Basics of Applied Accounting

Susanne Elliott - Small Business Accounting Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationBeginning in the Fall of 2016, Seattle Central College is offering a completely revamped approach to training professionals in Business Technology Management.

This multi-track program allows students to customize their degree and certifications by choosing their area of focus -- from business process to office management to user support and more.

One of these focuses is Applied Accounting, and we've collaborated to offer these credit-level classes as a non-credit professional certificate program to the community.

Comprised of three classes -- Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 -- this certificate program starts Fall Quarter and continues through Spring Quarter.

Upon completion, you can choose to sit for a national bookkeeping certification exam. You'll be prepared to start a new career in accounting or to handle your business' finances on your own.

We asked veteran instructor Susanne Elliott to share more about what you can expect from this program.

How long have you been teaching this class?

This particular course is a new addition to Seattle Central's Business Technology Management program.

I have taught and created similar courses for other colleges, but I am especially excited for our college to offer these courses to our community.

What inspired you to teach Small Business Accounting classes?

Being able to teach a student a new skill, one that can translate into a lifelong career, and to help change or shape another person's future is inspiring.

Perhaps it's cliche, but there have been many teachers and mentors in my past that have changed and shaped my life, and I aspire to do the same.

How is this class different from others that you teach?

Most college accounting courses are geared toward the traditional student, those in their late teens and early twenties, most of which will transfer to universities to pursue bachelor degrees in accounting, finance or business.

This certificate program is designed with the adult learning in mind, someone who isn't interested in transferring to another college, and who needs real-world skills today.

Who would benefit from getting this certificate?

The Small Business Accounting Certificate is a great fit for:

  • Individuals that are seeking a new career in accounting
  • Small business owners that wish to do their bookkeeping themselves
  • Anyone who is curious about the ins and outs of accounting

Upon completion of all three Applied Accounting classes, you'll be prepared to take a national bookkeeping certification exam, and ready to seek employment as either an entry level bookkeeper or accounting clerk -- or even to start a new career as an independent bookkeeper.

Describe an inspirational moment you've had while teaching.

What inspires me and keeps me motivated to continue teaching are the many successes and achievements of my students, many with whom I stay in touch via Linkedin.


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