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The New Language of Business

Coding may seem like a little bit of science and a little bit of magic, but it's actually more similar to learning how to write a recipe in a foreign language. And, instead of you or someone you know making that recipe, your robot friend comes along and does all the work for you.

While the demand for developers is currently outpacing supply and getting into the field is a great career move, even having a basic understanding of different programming languages is fast becoming an essential skill for a wide array of jobs. The more you know about how software is created, the better you'll be at requesting -- and getting! -- what you need from your tech team. Even small business owners will be better prepared to consult with tech consultants, and be confident that they're communicating their ideas effectively,

Coding Dojo has been offering bootcamps in a variety of popular languages since 2012, and they recently partnered with Seattle Central's Continuing Education program to offer a part-time format for their LAMP and Python bootcamps. These classes are offered at nights and on weekends in order to provide an avenue for professionals to gain these important skills while also working full time.

We asked Coding Dojo's Kevin Saito to provide us with more insight into the program, who would benefit from taking it, and what kind of experiences other students have had.

How long have you been teaching these classes?

Coding Dojo has been teaching these classes in a full time format for a few years.

LAMP was first taught in 2013 and Python was introduced in 2015.

What inspired you to teach these bootcamps?

LAMP is essentially the language that most of the early web was built on, so its a great foundational language for students.

Python, on the other hand, has been embraced by a number of very prominent tech companies which makes it a compelling addition to our curriculum.

How are these bootcamps different from others that you teach?

The main difference will be the format of the classes.

We normally teach these in a full time program and this will be the first time we offer both of these courses in a part time format.

Who would benefit from taking this class?

Anyone who is interested in getting into web development or works with developers and would benefit from an increased understanding of web development or web technologies.

As many companies require their program and project managers to be more technically fluent, this is a great tool to have.

What has been an inspirational moment that has occurred during this class?

The biggest thing we see is once the light goes on for students they really become a different person.

They talk differently, they carry themselves different, and they tend to be a lot more confident with themselves because they can now do something that they previously couldn't and, in many cases, actually wondered if they would be able to ever do.

Key Takeaways

  1. A solid understanding of full stack web development
  2. A very solid understanding of web development
  3. The ability to build some pretty compelling web apps by the end of the course

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