Delve Into Performance Art as Social Practice

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Express Yourself

How can you use art to explore your own identity and social issues?

That's what instructor Alex Berry focuses on in her Performance Art and Social Practice class. We asked her to share more about what inspired her to teach it and what you'll learn when you join her.

How long have you been teaching Performance Art and Social Practice?

This is my first time teaching this class for Seattle Central College.

I previously taught this course for the Experimental College at UW in 2015.

What inspired you to teach it?

After finishing my MFA, I had a desire to continue practicing performance art but I also wanted to expose its relatively unknown platform to the general public.

Performance art, as a multidisciplinary medium, allows artists and students to focus on social issues and concepts as the driving force of the work, and present these ideas through the use of the human body.

Who would benefit from taking this class?

Performance art can benefit anyone, whether they are artists or medical practitioners or engineers.

This class is about taking risks outside of your ordinary practice or daily life in order to examine personal interests and pressing social issues.

What has been an inspirational moment that has occurred during this class?

Collaboration between students is always dependent on the individual students of each class.

It's interesting to see how ideas, communication, and bodies differ, interact, affect and -- at times -- challenge one another.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gain knowledge of a generally unknown way of communicating ideas and creative pursuits
  2. Learn to collaborate with others using various disciplines such as writing, video art, and installation
  3. Gain an opportunity to explore their own body as a medium for expressing their ideas, without limiting it to strictly dance, movement, or acting

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