Discover Your Creative Vision With Linda Upshaw

Let's Tap Into Your Instincts

Learning how to express yourself creatively is a skill that can reap benefits in both your personal and professional lives. Just the act of exploring perspective, challenging your preconceived notions, and tapping into your instinct can help you come up with deeply innovative solutions to problems at work or at home. Plus, engaging with life in a creative manner will help you experience it more richly.

A perfect example of the kind of impact this level of skill and practice can have on your life is artist, musician, and instructor Linda Upshaw, who has been involved in the performing and fine arts since she was a child.

"It has been a journey," she notes. "It's kept my spirit nurtured as I set out on a path to self-discovery and fulfillment. When I was young, the call of discovery and enchantment beckoned, and I answered its call!"

While growing up in Seattle, Linda was heavily immersed in classical piano study at Cornish Institute. She was also involved in the Franklin High School Bel Canto Choir and performed as an actor in community theater productions.

"These experiences were formative," Linda remembers. "They helped me to decide that I wanted to travel, learn, and find work where I could be creative -- more than anything in the world!"

Over the past 20-years, Ms. Upshaw has been teaching classes focused on inspiring creative development. In addition to her private and group piano lessons, she offers courses designed to inspire the same type of creative discovery she herself has experienced over the years.

Discover Your Creative Vision With Linda Upshaw | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education"As an artist and educator I have a fascination for the arts and the purpose it serves in developing thinkers who ask the hard questions," she shares. "I love working with people who are interested in exploring and acquiring the knowledge revealed by the spectrum of life's experiences, who remain open to the vast array of diversity in all of its many forms."

Linda believes firmly that art should be accessible for everyone, that it's not simply something that people of privilege should engage in. The tools, insights, and creative expression that her students gain from her courses can benefit people of all backgrounds, and she actively promotes participation from a variety of communities.

"I want to help people learn how to respond to life with an openness that cannot be contained," Linda explains. "I'm inspired to create art and develop classes that teach others how to respond to light, color, form, sound -- whether it be by using a musical instrument, pen, brush -- to create a story, a narrative of their lives."

Her Intuitive Art: Painting for Your Life class is about expression -- how to find your innate creative source, and then share it with others in a variety of mediums. She's used many of the methods she teaches in classes that span traditional humanities courses to workshops with young children.

Purpose, Passion, and Vision: The Art of Vision Boarding will help you tap into your dreams, desires, hopes, and goals -- and then provide you with the tools to lay out the path toward achieving them.

"People that will benefit the most from taking either of these classes are those that desire to explore inner impulses that need expression," she notes. "Whether that be through the use of painting or other art forms, this is their opportunity to explore this in a safe and supportive environment."

In fact, promoting that environment has been a key to her past success. "My previous students have often shared that seldom do they find a classroom environment that feels safe, where they can take risks in their expressions and creations," Linda shares. "My students walk away with a feeling that there exists a multitude of different lenses in which to evaluate data, that perception and intuition are great tools which replace certainty and judgment with nuance. Openness can lead to greater self-fulfillment, and it's my goal to provide the guidance you need to discover that."

Linda's higher education pursuits actually began at Seattle Central College many years ago, so it's an honor for both her and the College to have one of our distinguished alums come back to her roots and share her diverse artistic training with a new generation of students.


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