5 Offbeat Team Building Activities in the Seattle Area

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Look, Even Trust Falls Can Be Dangerous

Originating from the Hawthorne experiments in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the concept of working in teams to achieve common goals has become an essential element and the key to success of many modern businesses. 

To ensure these teams work well together, however, a whole new industry was created to focus on the need to establish, grow, and strengthen the bonds within a team: Team Building!

From deep talks with your co-workers and trust falls to waging war on the paintball battlefield, companies have tried a variety of ways to inspire their employees to open up, get to know each other, and cement their relationships.

Here are our top 5 favorite team building experiences in the Seattle area.

Channel Office Space

Mike Judge's film Office Space highlights the sometimes frustrating elements of workplace bureaucracy and corporate inefficiency and uses quirky humor and juxtaposition to create an almost cathartic experience.

Nearly everyone has come across a printer with a bad attitude, and battling these bots can add even more aggravation to your day. That's where Seattle's friendly demolition-enablers Rage Industries comes in.

That's where Seattle's friendly demolition-enablers Rage Industries comes in. 

Their Office Space package allows you to annihilate office equipment -- a desk, chair, and one electronic item (you know it has to be that lackluster scanner who's been giving you grief for the past year) -- or you can bring a box of your own things to break.

If your team has surly undercurrents, this could be a great way for them to express and transform these feelings in a unique way, and give them space outside of the office to vent their frustrations.

Solve a Murder

5 Offbeat Team Building Activities in the Seattle Area | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationSure, all of the projects that your team works on are important and the stakes are often really high -- but are they as important as solving a murder?

Unless you're working at a cop shop and investigating murders are your team's regular projects, engaging in a murder mystery scavenger hunt like those offered by Watson Adventures could be an excellent exercise.

Your team will have to work together to find clues placed around Pike Place Market, and then use them to determine who did the dastardly deed.

This activity helps your team improve their collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. And it's also fun.

Craft Delectable Dishes

5 Offbeat Team Building Activities in the Seattle Area | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationYou can learn a lot about someone by watching the way they cook.

Do they meticulously prep all of their food prior to beginning their dish, or do they chop and dice along the way?

Are they dogmatic in their approach to following a recipe, or are they more improvisational behind the stove?

Taking a cooking class together like those offered by Cozymeal can give your team new insights into how they each like to work.

You'll not only help each other craft a meal, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy it afterward in a fun and laid-back atmosphere.

Play in a Vertical Playpen

5 Offbeat Team Building Activities in the Seattle Area | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationObstacle courses are often designed for tests of physical fitness, but they can also help you form ties with your group as you overcome the challenges together.

The Bellevue Challenge Course offers a few different ways to do this -- from a course built on the ground to one aloft in the trees -- and also have a vertical playpen which will give your team the opportunity to scale the trees and have some fun together.

Engaging in a physical activity like this will create shared memories, help team members shine in ways you haven't seen before, and get you out of the office and into nature.

Full disclosure: These courses are facilitated by team building pros, so we can't promise there won't be any trust falls involved.

Thwart a Villian

5 Offbeat Team Building Activities in the Seattle Area | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationFor a larger team experience, engaging in a well-crafted spy game will give you the opportunity to try on new characters and collaborate in different ways in order to bring down the rascals!

Locurio offers a variety of experiences -- from puzzle games to scavenger hunts -- but their Fallswift Objective spy game sounds both fun and intriguing.

It's also a surprising and engaging way to connect with your team, and could span an entire company, helping to develop both inter- and intra-team dynamics within your organization.


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