Practicing Mindfulness Enhances Your Life

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Be Here, Now

The topic of mindfulness has permeated our collective psyche over the past few years -- with everyone from successful CEOs to wellness gurus extolling its virtues.

But what is it, really?

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing your attention to the present moment -- whether that's through meditation, writing haikus, or sketching a waterfall -- and it has been proven to provide great psychological relief for people living in high-stress environments.

It makes sense that the concept of truly being present in the moment would feel almost revolutionary in a society which has placed an increasing emphasis on efficiency and productivity for the past 100 years. Perhaps in response to the industrialization of our economy, we have become laser-focused on using every single moment to be as productive and efficient as possible; in fact, many people have become convinced that their busyness is a marker of their success.

Scheduling ourselves into oblivion may make us feel important, or that we're achieving things, but to what end? If we're unable to maintain and complete the goals we've laid out for ourselves in our overly-packed schedules, we often feel a sense of failure, resulting in depression, feelings of disillusionment, and more.

Instructor Dee Williams not only teaches yoga to the community, she also has a passion for how mindfulness can be incorporated into our everyday lives. In her Introduction to Mindfulness class, she explores techniques and provides guidance on how you can transform all aspects of your life simply by engaging in these activities.

What inspired you to teach this class?

I write poems and essays and teach about mindfulness as part of our everyday lives.

I enjoy helping others discover different ways to reveal the deeper meaning of this innate quality to enhance the way we live.

What do you enjoy the most about teaching this class?

I enjoy that this class serves as a guide for individuals that are new to mindfulness, and gives them the opportunity of self-discovery -- often resulting in their own, personal "Ah-Ha!" moments.

How do you explore mindfulness in this class?

This course is a combination of lecture and lab.

During each session, there are interactive discussions, and the homework is engaging exercises in observation, reflection, and self-discovery.

Who would benefit the most from taking your this class?

Basically, anyone!

If you're interested in learning how mindfulness can be applied in practical ways to your everyday life, or are simply interested in learning something new, this is the class for you.

Tell us about an inspirational teaching moment.

The "Ah-ha!" moments come after any class when the students feel they have learned something new, interesting, and practical for everyday life.

Key Takeaways

  1. Practical mindfulness in everyday life.
  2. Full understanding of mindfulness teachings.
  3. Mindfulness exercises that can be done anytime.

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