Summer 2018 Registration is Open!

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Let's Get Fit!

How do you define fitness?

This Summer we're focusing on classes that will help you get fit physically, but also to hone your skills and get fit professionally, too!

  • Beginning Your Fitness Journey: Revitalize your health by creating an easy-to-manage exercise routine that works for your fitness level and goals.
  • Capoeira - A Brazilian Art FormNew! Equal parts performance art and martial arts, Capoeira brings a whole new dimension to self-defense and strength.
  • Flamenco for BeginnersNew! Learn how this highly expressive Spanish style of dance can help you fine-tune both your physical fitness and artistry.
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu - All Levels: Through the authentic art of Wing Chun, you’ll learn how to defend yourself, enhance your spatial awareness, and more.

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  1. Patricia Phillips

    Is there a class called Develop your WELL NESS Journey?
    Cost dates?

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