Instructor Alexander Chubotin | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Alexander's Background

Alex Chubotin is an award-winning professional artist working on commissions in illustration and sculpture.

He received his formal art education in the former Soviet Union from The National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev, Ukraine.

Alexander's Testimonials

Alex encourages artistic growth through his knowledge, professionalism, and dry wit. He takes the fluff out of art and attempts to teach objective sight and a sense for the harmonious relationships that create the human form. Finally, his cookie and beverage selection is both generous and on point.

The only thing that would make this class better would be if Mr. Chubotin wore a monocle and smoked a cigar…and perhaps if he were to award a cake to the best artist at the end of the course with the promise to eat it with him while everyone else had to draw them. He, of course, would award the cake to himself every time. That is how hilarious I believe this man to be. – Tracey Colaianni

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