Instructor David Norris | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

David's Background

Dr. David Norris operates a scientific and statistical consultancy organized around core methodologies of precision medicine: decision analysis, causal inference, and predictive modeling. His main emphasis presently is in developing and promoting a new methodology for dose selection for cancer treatment drugs.

Before earning his MD degree at Brown University, he worked in diverse fields including quality management, mathematical finance, and systems engineering.

His broader interests include the social determinants of health, the integrity of social science research, and the democratization of medical knowledge.

He is a former Teach For America Corps Member, and taught high school physics in South Texas for 3 years.

David's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present material to students?
I believe the best teaching takes the form of leading students into authentic explorations of their own, through which they actively engage with important ideas.

Thus, teaching is for me more like developing and presenting an experience or challenge than presenting a catalog of 'material.'

How you interact and work with students?
Because a student's genuine engagement with important ideas is necessarily always authentic and unique, I most enjoy working with students individually or in small groups where this uniqueness can best be respected and nurtured.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?
My aim as an instructor is to foster an open and fun environment for the exploration of ideas.

David's Resources