Instructor Gail Haynes | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Gail's Background

Gail Haynes attended Seattle Central Continuing Education’s Nutritional Therapy Program, graduating and becoming certified in 2011, but has been teaching a variety of health and wellness classes since 2005. She has also been a personal wellness coach and consultant to a number of individuals.

She became interested in natural wellness over 35 years ago, due largely to her own struggles with anemia and low blood sugar, and her family’s history of diabetes.

As a result of her training, she discovered the health benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, which can promote inner cleansing and detoxification.

She also has discovered other preventative measures such as herbs, supplements, and superfoods that can be used to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

Her goal is to raise the consciousness level of wellness, and provide her students with simple and easy to follow methods of improving their overall health.

Since 2014, Gail has written the Be Well with Gail column for Seattle FACTS Newspaper, helping many people throughout the Puget Sound with her guidance and advice.

In addition to her work focused on health and nutrition, Gail produces an all-purpose skin cream that’s great for relieving dry skin.

Gail's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present materials to students?

I’ve always presented my classes with an explanation or reminder of the objective of the class objective. This is done initially in a short lecture.

Then I’ll elaborate my point by adding an interesting video that may include a case study, meal preparation or testimonial from a person who had diabetes and was cured through their diet and lifestyle changes — no insulin. I do know a few people with this testimony.

I always hand out a short questionnaire for them to fill out sharing their reasons for taking the class. I’ll offer an anonymous Q & A box and give answers openly the last 15 minutes of class depending on the class size and number of questions.

How do you interact and work with students?

I’m smiling and upbeat — after all who really wants to discuss diabetes?! To remind people of this condition is no fun. They have already seen doctors and know the negative side of it, for example, how it can affect the kidneys.

I want to make them feel empowered that there is hope in managing or living a quality life with this condition.

What kind of classroom dynamics do you promote?

I bring props and try to make it fun; for example I have a miniature flushing toilet 8 inches tall. Diabetes is associated with constipation. When I have taught classes on digestion I bring my toilet and flush it. The students love it and are laughing their heads off.

I also have a 2 oz. replica of body fat made of rubber that I use for demonstration.

I bring my juicer and blender and make fruity, nutty smoothies and power juices to sample.

I love to make the classes memorable and fun. I believe people will retain the information better.

Gail's Classes

    Gail's Resources

    • Dr. Shulze – Clinical supplements
    • Mercola – A great source for health-related info
    • RenewLife – Probiotic and digestion-related products