Paul Beyerl - Wellness & Gardening Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Paul's Background

Paul Beyerl is the author of 12 books and is the founder of The Hermit’s Grove, which is devoted toward health and wellness at all levels — physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual.

The Hermit’s Grove was established in 1994 following twenty years of Beyerl’s work as an author and educator in Minneapolis, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Beyerl has been a guest speaker and educator in more than twenty states and now travels to the Toronto, Ontario area for his students there. Beginning in 2016, he also began teaching in Portugal on a semi-regular basis.

A non-certified master’s program in botanical medicine was first given shape in Minneapolis in the 1980s, which evolved into the Master Herbalist Program in the 1990s.

With his partner of over two decades, the Beyerls have created a 45,000 square foot private botanical garden which demonstrates organic methods and the best in water conservation.

Paul's Testimonials

I found Paul inspiring, motivating and engaging. He was open and helpful in answering any and all questions. It was nice to receive handouts with accompanying herbs to take home and practice infusions with. I greatly appreciated the recommended books, it’s nice to receive well vetted recommendations.

I thought it was very sweet that Paul shared an herb with us every week from his store.

He had a lot of helpful information about herbs and herb books.