Class Overview

Cannabis Research and Health Risks | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Due to federal drug laws, conducting effective cannabis research and its related risks and benefits has been challenging in the US.

During this course, we'll explore the current barriers to advancing marijuana-related scientific knowledge, identify the most salient contraindications, discuss Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD,) and more.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the main barriers to advance marijuana-related scientific knowledge in the US
  • Describe most salient cannabis use contraindications
  • Explain Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome
  • Define Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD)
  • Explain how CUD relates to other substance use disorders
  • Explain reasons behind recommending abstinence from cannabis during pregnancy

Who Should Take this Class?

This class is for students who want to:

  • Learn about the current challenges of conducting cannabis research in the US
  • Get familiarized with research findings as it relates to cannabis use health risks, while recognizing cannabis' medicinal value

While this class is designed for Medical Marijuana Consultants, it would be also beneficial for current patients and recreational users who would like to have a better understanding of cannabis research and its related risks.

Session Details

  • Total Number of Hours: 5
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $129
  • Additional Notes: This online course is open for enrollment throughout the dates noted, but must be completed by the end date in order to receive credit. It provides Certified Medical Marijuana Consultants with 5 continuing education units (CEUs).
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