Class Overview

Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification Course | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Our Medical Marijuana Consultant training program is approved by the Washington State Department of Health, and satisfies the education requirements for those who wish to become certified as a Medical Marijuana Consultant. It is also one of only three Washington State approved certification programs.

All medically-endorsed retail marijuana stores are required to have a certified Medical Marijuana Consultant on staff to provide services to medical patients.

Topics include:

  • State laws and rules relating to marijuana
  • Qualifying conditions and their common symptoms
  • Short- and long-term positive and negative effects of cannabinoids
  • Products that may benefit qualifying patients
  • Risks and warning signs of overuse, abuse and addiction
  • Safe handling of marijuana products
  • Ethics, customer privacy and rights

After successfully completing this course and receiving certification, you'll be recognized by the State of Washington as a Medical Marijuana Consultant.

For more information on the Medical Marijuana Consultant Certification requirements, please visit the Washington State Department of Health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Collaboration: Contribute effectively to groups by evaluating different perspectives
  • Communication: Exchange ideas and information through intentional listening, reading, speaking, writing and presenting
  • Critical Thought: Analyze, reflect and synthesize information to identify issues, formulate hypotheses, develop strategies and solve problems
  • Applied Learning: Select, understand, evaluate and use appropriate information resources, theoretical models, quantitative techniques and technology tools

Who Should Take this Certification Program?

  • Owners and/or employees of recreational marijuana establishments that offer medical marijuana products and services
  • Anyone interested in opening or working for a recreational marijuana establishment that plans to offer medical marijuana products and services

Student Testimonials

I enjoyed and appreciated the very comprehensive coursework for the WA state certification for medical marijuana consultants. It has been informative, thought-provoking and based on science, researchers, educators and others. --Student

Session Details

  • Class ID: 6162
  • Instructor: Jake Felice (ND); Miles Jonard; Nicole Li (JD); Trey Reckling
  • When: Choose from two sessions in fall 2018:
    • 9/24-10/21/18
    • 11/5-12/2/18
  • Total Number of Hours: 20
  • Where: Online
  • Fee: $445
  • Additional Notes: This online course is open for enrollment throughout the dates noted, but must be completed by the end date in order to receive credit. Our expert instructors will be available for regularly scheduled online Q&A sessions, during which you may ask any questions you may have pertinent to the material. Specific dates and times will be published in your course overview.