Class Overview

Practical Distilling Workshop: Whisky - Bourbon or Rye | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Join the experts of Batch 206 for a two-day hands-on practical distilling class exploring the basics of whisky.

You’ll participate in production from start to finish, smelling and tasting the distilled spirit at each stage of the process.

From mash through fermentation and wash production, you’ll be integral to the final product.

We’ll also discuss the post-distillation process such as barreling, proofing, and maturation, plus you’ll have the opportunity to taste your newfound mastery of the nuances of whisky.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about distilling equipment such as the still, mashing & fermentation vessels, blending tanks, and measuring devices
  • Experience the fermentation process, from pre-fermentation through primary and secondary fermentation
  • Gain hands-on experience with material handling from mash to proofing
  • Engage in the multiple distilling runs required to produce a spirit
  • Learn best practices around distillery production

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Craft distillers that would like to expand their product set to include whisky
  • Bar and/or Beverage Managers who want a deeper understanding of how spirits are produced
  • Participants in our Fundamentals of Distilling program that would like to add a hands-on, practical element to their education
  • Anyone interested in getting into the distilling industry
  • Whisky aficionados who would love to learn more about their favorite spirit

Session Details