Class Overview

Basic Operation of Your Digital Camera | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Learn how to operate your digital camera to create images with beautiful light and different elements.

We'll discuss basic camera operation such as depth-of-field, on-camera flash, lenses and filters in practical, “idea-based” terms.

These principles can be applied to your DSLR or 'point and shoot' camera, although some of the functionality may not be available on your 'point and shoot' camera.

At the end of this class, you'll take better pictures and get more from your camera!

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the basics of your camera's features and functionalities
  • Get a primer on the general elements of photographic composition
  • Improve your photography by gaining more experience with your camera

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Budding photographers who would like to better understand the basics of photography
  • Anyone who has recently purchased a digital camera and would like more guidance in how to use it

Student Testimonials

The handouts were extremely helpful and detailed. I also learned a lot through the assignments and by reviewing the data of my own photos (seeing what settings worked, what didn't work).


I enjoyed the way in which the instructor tailored class discussion to the specific wants/desires of the students.

Session Details