Class Overview

Jazz Concert Orchestra | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Do you want to hone your professional performance skills?

This is an ideal class for professional and student musicians that would like to rehearse with the goal of performing in a professional jazz concert orchestra.

It's also a great opportunity for you to maintain your music reading skills, as well as expanding your big band jazz repertoire and improvisational skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to play Big Band music through rehearsal and live performances
  • Gain knowledge of style, performance practices and techniques
  • Experience improvisation and ensemble playing
  • Discover and start internalizing stylistic language and interpretation of improvised music
  • Listen to songs and identify & practice new and old vocabulary

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor

  • Student musicians
  • Professional musicians
  • Musicians interested in expanding their group performance experience
  • Musicians interested in learning more about improvisation
  • Musicians interested in learning to play big band music

Student Testimonials

There are plenty of new, challenging charts to work on and the instructor is patient and thorough in rehearsing. I especially enjoy it when he plays guitar and directs.


Lonnie chooses excellent arrangements for the band and conducts rehearsals in a positive and productive manner and is always encouraging when offering suggestions for improvement and recognizes participants for good performance.

Session Details

  • Class ID: 6642
  • Instructor: Staff, Seattle Central
  • When: We're not offering this class right now, but we will again in the future. Please bookmark this page and check back for updates, or sign up for our email list to receive news on upcoming classes. Thank you!
  • Total Number of Hours: 14
  • Where: Broadway Performance Hall - Room 101 | 1625 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122
  • Fee: $179