Class Overview

Colored Pencil Art | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Original art by instructor Fresia Valdivia

In this fun and interactive class, you'll receive easy-to-follow, systematic instruction on how to create vibrant and realistic art using colored pencils.

It's as easy to setup as it is to clean up an art session using colored pencils. And they're highly portable -- take them wherever you go, open your sketchbook or drawing pad, and create!

During this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to draw what you see
  • Receive guidance on shading and highlighting
  • Practice blending colors to create a rich and vibrant piece of art
  • Explore and develop your own sense of style and expression

We'll explore the following topics:

  • Drawing Introduction - Shapes
  • Color Evaluation (clear - intermediate - intense)
  • Strokes - to fill, to darken, make fur and feathers
  • Introduction to perspective in distance landscapes
  • Introduction to the face, division, and colors

Join us and discover how rewarding colored pencil art can be!

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use colors layer by layer doing fruits, flowers, landscapes, seascapes, animals, transparency, and portraits
  • Learn how to match colors in order to brighten or darken their draws
  • Learn how to use the pencil to create the pattern plot
  • Gain a basic understanding of colored pencil art, including intensity of stroke, using colors and strokes in your design, and applying colors from light to dark

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Budding artists
  • Working artists that would like to practice their drawing skills
  • Designers who would like to improve their ability to sketch
  • No previous art experience required


I enjoyed the whole course. Every day there was something new to learn. --Student

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