Class Overview

Illustrating for Children | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Learn to draw children’s books and other children’s illustrations, from idea all the way to the marketable product.

Engage and appeal to children using color, visual storytelling, learning challenges, fun, and play.

Class Outline

Making illustrations that appeal to children

  • Visual languages and storytelling
  • Colors and layout
  • Finding inspiration
  • Simplicity and consistency
Drawing practice and honing style

  • Life drawing
  • Basic building blocks
  • Tools and techniques
Finding your channel

  • Creating a portfolio
  • Online presence
  • Platforms and channels
  • Contacting publishers and agents

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this class, you will:

  • Overcome fears about making art, making your work public, and promoting your work
  • Understand what can be fine-tuned in your art to make it more accessible to children
  • Discover new channels and optimal presentation to showcase your work
  • Learn ways to refine your drawing skills and increase your creative output
  • Learn the tools of the trade, digital and traditional

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone who wants to create illustrations for children
  • Those interested in thinking creatively about the possibilities open to them professionally
  • Open to artists at all levels

Session Details