Class Overview

Painting for Everyone - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Painting by Regina Wu.

Learn how to make beautiful paintings with a palette knife!

Explore new ways to express yourself in painting, using an assortment of textural mediums.

Without a brush, discover a variety of techniques to create picturesque landscapes, figures, wildlife and modern art.

Instructor is a professional teacher and artist, who has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Experiment with techniques as you create works of art with a new approach.

If you haven't painted before, this is a great way to get started.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the tools and techniques to develop a work of art
  • Application of texture in painting for personal expression and creating a finished work
  • Use observation, linear perspective, volume and originality to explore composition, form, color, space, light, shadow in texture
  • Express different ways to document art by developing an art vocabulary
  • Understand art as a form of personal expression

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Budding artists interested in this unique style of expression
  • Experienced artists seeking a new element to their visual art
  • Anyone who wants to create original paintings under the guidance of a professional artist

Student Testimonials

[I appreciated] Georgetta's encouragement and support as I learned a new technique. She's one a fantastic instructor!


The instructor was great and very helpful and personable. -- Janelle


[I liked the] interaction. The instructor was genuinely interested in your progress.


[I enjoyed] the opportunity to start from the very beginning with no experience, with a patient instructor. She was amazing!

Session Details