Class Overview

Czech for Travelers -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Are you traveling to Prague? Would you like to develop closer relationships with Czech relatives and friends or explore business opportunities? This is a great class for you!

This course focuses on developing Czech listening and speaking skills with emphasis on conversation.

Topics include greetings, introductions, transportation, traveling, accommodations, food and culture.

See textbook and required materials.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn practical vocabulary and basic grammar that will enable you to have a simple conversation
  • Practice pronunciation
  • Gain learning techniques to help you learn and remember what you learned
  • Gain experience in speaking with other students
  • Be able to read and pronounce words to use as a building block to learn new words after the course
  • Get tips and tools for communicating while traveling

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning Czech with no previous experience
  • People planning to travel to the Czech Republic who would like to enhance their experience greatly by having some language ability
  • People with Czech relatives who would like to be able to converse with them

Session Details