Class Overview

Basic Marine Electric Fundamentals for the Recreational Boater | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationLearn about basic marine electric and investigate the fundamentals of AC and DC as it relates to recreational boats.

During this hands-on workshop, you'll:

  • Learn small boat wiring methods and practices
  • Explore troubleshooting and electrical fault prevention
  • Learn about basic DC theory, Series and Parallel circuits, and volt meter operation
  • Get tips on best wiring practices, including wire and circuit protection
  • Learn about circuit breaker and fuse applications
  • Gain insight into battery selection, sizing, and battery chargers
  • Learn about circuit identification, schematics, and troubleshooting

You'll also receive a list of recommended books and reference materials to continue your learning after the class.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn best practices for small boat wiring, battery selection, and more
  • Gain insight and practice in troubleshooting and fault prevention
  • Receive guidance on electrical theory
  • Expand your overall knowledge of marine electrical

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Recreational sail and power boaters interested in expanding their knowledge of marine electrical

Session Details