Class Overview

Knots and Brews | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationThere are essential knots that all recreational sail and power boaters should know.

Learn how to tie knots while sharing local Ballard beer -- either Pacific Maritime Brewing or Bad Jimmy's Intense Ales -- at the Seattle Maritime Academy.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Tie a variety of knots, including the bowline, clove hitch, round turn and two half hitches, stopper knots, reef knot, locking cleat hitch, cow hitch, and rolling hitch
  • Recognize the appropriate knot to use in various situations

Light snacks and non-alcohol drinks will also be provided.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain experience with tying a variety of different knots
  • Know how to tie the right knot for the right purpose
  • Have fun!

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Recreational boaters interested in improving their knot tying skills in a fun atmosphere

All students must be 21 years or older, with a valid picture ID.

Session Details

  • Class ID: 5865
  • Instructor: Erik Davis
  • When: We're not offering this class right now, but we will again in the future. Please bookmark this page and check back for updates, or sign up for our email list to receive news on upcoming classes. Thank you!
  • Total Number of Hours: 2
  • Where: Seattle Maritime Academy | 4455 Shilshole Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107
  • Fee: $55
  • Additional Notes: Students must be 21 or older; picture ID required.