Aromatherapy: Natural Remedies for Allergies

Aromatherapy is an enjoyable way to support your health and well being.Aromatherapy for the Holidays

In this fun, hands-on class, explore the history of aromatherapy which can be traced back to use in ancient civilizations including the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, for various purposes including therapy.

Explore the therapeutic uses of essential oils.

People use aromatherapy to lift the spirits, reduce anxiety, increase short-term memory, reduce nausea or reduce pain.

Learn about the components of essential oils, from oils to flowers, bark, herbs and other ingredients, used by various cultures throughout history, and the processes used to create them.

Gain knowledge about the safe uses of essential oils for all ages, including children and elderly, as well as using aromatherapy to support the well being of your pets.

Experiment with proper blending techniques to create your own favorite aromas

This class has a special emphasis on dealing with “seasonal threats” that lead to symptoms including sniffling, red eye and stuffed up noses.

Learn how you can use essential oils to hopefully reduce or eliminate these symptoms and, in turn, breathe easier.

Materials are included in the class fee.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the history of aromatherapy
  • Understand the components of essential oils
  • Gain knowledge about the therapeutic uses of essential oils
  • Learn how to use essential oils safely for all ages (including children and elderly) and pets
  • Gain resources for further education

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in the history of aromatherapy
  • People who would like techniques to support a healthy mind, body and spirit
  • Anyone interested in mixing essential oils to create their own blends

Session Details

  • Class ID: 6232
  • Instructor: Ashley Zupan
  • When: 2 Saturdays; 5/18/19 and 5/25/19; 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
  • Total Number of Hours: 6
  • Where: Broadway Edison Building, Room 4167; 1701 Broadway, Seattle WA 98122
  • Fee: $109