Class Overview

Capoeira -- A Brazilian Art Form | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form combining elements of martial arts, music, and dance that has played an important part in shaping the culture of Brazil.

During this class, you'll:

  • Learn basic movements
  • Increase your spatial awareness
  • Experience the rhythms of capoeira instruments
  • Learn to sing in Portuguese

Capoeira is a great way to get fit in a dynamic, fun, and supportive environment. All ages and fitness levels welcome!

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your body and spatial awareness to perform basic Capoeira movements
  • Learn 30 basic kicks, escapes, and acrobatic movements
  • Practice performing defense and attack maneuvers with a partner in a dynamic and fluid movement-focused environment
  • Learn the basic rhythms of 3 capoeira Contemporanea instruments, including the Berimbau (musical bow), Pandeiro (Brazilian Tambourine), and Atabaque (conga drum)
  • Learn 3 fundamental capoeira songs in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Enhance your physical fitness in a fun and engaging environment
  • Learn about Brazilian culture 

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in improving their overall physical fitness
  • Individuals seeking to learn a new form of self-defense
  • Those looking for an engaging fitness community
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Brazilian culture
  • No previous experience with capoeira or music is required -- just a willingness to show up and try something new! 

Session Details