Class Overview

Self-Defense 102 for Women | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationTake the material you learned in Self-Defense 101 and kick it up a notch.

This is a progressive skill-building class, which means each session will review what you learned during the previous week(s) and build on those skills.

In this class you will:

  • Review decisive targets and strikes, combos, and other components of physical skills
  • Increase your practical agility and footwork to better leverage your strength effectively
  • Learn to continue even if the fight hits the ground
  • Have more practice with verbal tactics, including de-escalation, the "Broken Record," confrontation strategies, assertion and "energy matching"
  • Explore ways to deal with two attackers
  • Learn basic strategies for facing an attacker with a weapon
  • Practice simple joint manipulation to stall or disable an attacker

Come prepared to challenge yourself and enjoy the rewards of self confidence that you will gain.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain a basic understanding of personal safety and self-defense in order to:

  • Recognize “red flags” that someone may mean harm
  • Use their “exit strategy” skills to thwart intended harm
  • Use physical skills to disable an attacker and escape, if necessary
  • Seek support and appropriate self-care after an intended assault

Who Should Take this Class?

Prerequisite: Self-Defense 101, or another multi-session empowerment self-defense course

  • This class is for women and older teen girls who want to learn everyday personal safety and self-defense skills

Session Details