Class Overview

Using Herbs Medicinally

Do you use herbs for cooking or grow some herbs at home, but otherwise don't much about these aromatic plants?

In this class you can develop your knowledge of herbs and how you can use them medicinally.

Though herbs can add wonderful flavors to meals, the benefits of herbs go far beyond that.

Herbs can be highly nutritious, boost your body's health, help a variety of health problems, and play a beneficial role in the environment, as well.

Many people use herbs to treat anxiety, depression, indigestion, skin problems, sore muscles, respiratory problems, colds, coughs, nausea, pain, insomnia and infections, as well as boost immunity, memory and overall health.

Learn how to create specialized tea formulas, herbal salves, tinctures, soft cough drops and a glycerite and go home with samples!

Each week we will also discuss two herbs you can grow locally.

Bring your your curiosity and join this class to develop your knowledge and love for herbs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn which herbs you can grow locally
  • Gain knowledge about medicinal properties of herbs and uses
  • Create tea blends, salve, tincture, cough drops and glycerite
  • Increase appreciation for herbs

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning more about herbs
  • Cooks interested in additional uses of herbs
  • Gardeners and plant lovers
  • People who like to make things such as home crafts
  • People interested in health and natural healing remedies

Session Details