Human Resource Management Courses - Continuing Education at Seattle Central CollegeGain a well-rounded foundation in human resource management to optimize an organization’s most valuable assets – its people.

Learn the basics of managing the benefits and policies that support an effective staff and develop an effective human resource management strategy for your organization.

From effective recruiting, screening, and interviewing to managing employee benefits and policies, to performance management systems, the skills taught in our human resource management courses are foundational to management success and building your HR managerial career.

Earn a Certificate in Human Resource Management or take individual classes that interest you. Earn professional development hours or continuing education units.

These online courses are offered through our educational partner MindEdge, offering self-paced, mobile-friendly professional development. Courses include case studies, interactive learning features and ongoing access to experts in the field.

Student Testimonials

The following testimonials are provided by learners that have completed courses in the HR Management suite.

“I earned a bachelor’s degree in Human resources, I decided to take this course as a way to be up-to-date with payroll topics, all of the concepts were very helpful. I learned a lot in a short-time course. Excellent material. I fully recommend this course.” - Compensation

“Through the help of this course, I am confident to play a key role as a team member in employee selection. There was a lot of information I obtained through this course that I never knew. I am currently encouraging colleagues to take advantage of this online learning and improve their professional life in the field of Human Resource.” - Employee Selection