Class Overview

Effective Interviewing Skills - HR Basics for the Non-HR Manager Series | Seattle Central College - Continuing EducationAre you responsible for hiring new employees? Have you had made some 'bad hires' on occasion?

Unfortunately, these can be costly mistakes -- both financially and operationally.

In this course, we'll take a comprehensive view of the interview process, including developing specific, relevant and scenario-based questions, to ensure that you're hiring someone who has the skills to succeed in the job.

In addition, we'll practice techniques that help you to conduct an inclusive and effective interview.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to identify and focus on the specific skills, qualities, and compatibilities that are required to perform the job successfully
  • Develop specific and objective behavioral and motivational interview questions and evaluation criteria
  • Recognize and avoid using questions that are illegal or biased
  • Become familiar with best practices for an effective interview panel
  • Create an effective interview process that is consistent and yields qualified candidates

Who Should Take this Class?

  • Anyone who has responsibility for hiring employees
  • Anyone aspiring to become a manager or considering the field of human resources

Session Details