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Street-Smart Safety for Women on the Go | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Street-Smart Safety for Women on the Go | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Street-Smart Safety for Women on the Go | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Let’s face it: It can sometimes be a mad, mad world

A world that isn't always as safe as we'd like it to be -- which can influence our decisions about whether or not to go to an event, take a leisurely stroll at night, or travel somewhere on our own.

Since 1994, Joanne Factor has been helping women face their fears, guiding them in effective techniques for self-defense. She's worked with ladies of all ages, from all backgrounds, and has been offering her 6-week Self-Defense 101 course at Seattle Central for several years.

Beginning this Spring, she's now also offering her popular 1-day workshop, Street-Smart Safety for Women on the Go at Seattle Central. We sat down with Joanne to find out more about this class.

How long have you been teaching Street-Smart Safety?

I've been teaching this class since 2009, so almost 7 years.

What inspired you to teach it?

I began teaching it because it was requested. Some students could not commit to a full course lasting several weeks, yet still wanted something fairly comprehensive.

How is Street-Smart Safety different from Self-Defense 101?

This one is different in that it's, well, shorter: Just one afternoon.

You don't get the same level of practice and review, and you don't learn quite as much material.

But you do get a comprehensive skill-set for dealing with common risks facing women today.

Who would benefit the most from taking Street-Smart Safety?

Women (from late teens on up) would most benefit from this class.

If you've ever hesitated to go out, attend an event or participate in some activity due to concern about assault from another person, this class is for you.

If considerations about personal safety are included in how you dress, where you go and whether or not you speak up, this class is for you.

If you've declined invitations or travel, or even taking walks by yourself because of fear of attack, this class is for you.

Describe an "a-ha!" moment one of your students has had.

I'd have to say the "a-ha" moment for most students in this class is breaking a board.

They're thinking, What if I can't do it? What if I instead hurt myself? What if I freeze?

And then they break it. And that's truly a breakthrough moment.

Student Testimonial

Joanne Factor is a real expert in her field.

It is obvious she has years and years of training, teaching and sharing her skills with the community.

I found her to be very tactful and progressive in her teaching.

Her curriculum was well developed and the teaching materials she provided were clear and uncomplicated.

It was also nice to be able to practice our skills/knowledge in each class (the repetition was helpful).

I wish every female I know could take this class!


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