Instructor Spotlight: Teresa Ramon Joffre

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Teresa Ramon Joffre - Spanish Language Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Teresa Ramon Joffre - Spanish Language Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Teresa Ramon Joffre - Spanish Language Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Did You Know That the United States Is the Second Largest Spanish-Speaking Country in the World?

You read that right. After Mexico, more people in the US speak Spanish (either as their primary / only language, or as bilingual speakers) than any other Spanish-speaking country. And it's growing.

As a professional, knowing how to speak Spanish with your coworkers, colleagues and customers is becoming more and more important. And many people want to learn Spanish to travel, to communicate with Spanish speaking family and friends, and to better understand and appreciate Hispanic cultures.

With a background in professional translation for different industries, and a native of Peru, Spanish Instructor Teresa Ramon Joffre is well qualified to guide students in their Spanish language learning.

Read on to learn more about Teresa.

What classes do you teach for Seattle Central?

I teach Spanish Conversation, beginner and intermediate.

How long have you been teaching?

I have been teaching for a year at Seattle Central, and I have been teaching Spanish for over 15 years in total.

What's your educational & professional background?

I have a translation degree from NYU, and am a professional Spanish Translator for primarily the biomedical and health sciences fields.

In addition to my work at Seattle Central and my translation work, I am a ESL/EFL teacher.

What do you enjoy the most about teaching your classes at Seattle Central?

I enjoy the interaction with the students and the opportunity to be a facilitator in their language experience. It is also wonderful to introduce them to the culture.

Seattle Central is a great place to learn and teach. I see students from diverse backgrounds and walks of life. I also feel a lot of support from my supervisors and they are so open to new ideas and projects.

Tell us about an inspirational teaching moment.

My most inspirational teaching moment is when I see students understand the language and make progress.

Also, when they find a passion in the language; for example, they start enjoying poetry or music in Spanish.

Student Testimonials

Teresa is a gifted teacher. She was adept at tailoring the class to various language experience levels. The class was a lot of fun.


Teresa Ramon has an outstanding ability to get students to speak Spanish in the classroom and not be embarrassed by their mistakes. She is an excellent teacher.


Teresa is just delightful and is a wonderful teacher.

Teresa's Favorites


  • I enjoy walking specially in the Summer. The parks in Seattle are so beautiful.
  • I practice yoga and I am a yoga teacher. I occassionally organize workshops to teach yoga in Spanish.


  • I love comedies, Woody Allen and Pedro Almodovar are some of my favorites.
  • I am very inspired by the new Peruvian and Latin American Independent films or productions.

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