So You Want to Work in the Cannabis Industry?

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So You Want to Work in the Cannabis Industry? | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
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Believe the Hype

Trey Reckling - Cannabis Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education
Instructor & Author Trey Reckling

Cannabis cowboys, ganjapreneurs, marijuana mavens -- these are just a few of the creative job titles the media uses as it describes pioneering positions in the burgeoning legal marijuana industry.

And it's no surprise: The industry has been projected by some to be worth over $40 billion -- more valuable than the National Football League! -- within five years of nationwide legalization. Some even say that is a humble estimate.

But just because the industry has a lot of financial potential, it actually isn't the only motivation involved. After all, how many opportunities will you have to be part of a brand new industry?

In collaboration with the Academy of Cannabis Science, Seattle Central College's Cannabis Institute has educated more medical marijuana consultants in Washington State than anyone else to date.

Of the hundreds of students who have successfully completed our program, not one of them has said that money is the reason they are passionate about working in the cannabis industry.

So what motivates them?

Many have had personal experiences as medical marijuana patients or have family members who are; they were often taking traditional pharmaceuticals to help with issues like insomnia, chronic pain, gastrointestinal stress, and more -- and they found that transitioning to medicinal marijuana has been a huge benefit.

Since this is a new industry, we encourage people interested in the cannabis industry to bring their existing skills. For example, if you don't have a background in agriculture, there's no need to become a grower! As a new legal industry, there is growing need for infrastructure and support, so those with experience in the following fields will easily find a position:

  • Healthcare
  • Marketing, design, advertising & communications
  • Packaging
  • Law
  • Construction
  • Transportation

When you combined your existing skills with a great understanding and knowledge of cannabis, you're prepared to help shape this new industry.

At the Cannabis Institute we have already seen a wide variety of students who are positioning themselves for jobs that are on the horizon by increasing their cannabis IQ and knowledge. Our program is offered in an eLearning format, so we've been able to work with students from all over the US. We've helped them better understand the industry, the science behind medical marijuana, important customer service considerations, and current scientific research.

For those who want to establish themselves in the cannabis industry, there is no single path to get there. It will take creativity, stamina, great flexibility and passion. We are excited to be able to help people realize their goals and to be prepared to succeed in a brand new industry.

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Trey Reckling is the founder and operator of the Academy of Cannabis Science. He works in collaboration with Seattle Central College's Cannabis Institute to offer quality, science-based education to members of the burgeoning legal cannabis industry.