Colored Pencil Art Makes Your Life More Vivid

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Illustrate the Beauty Around You

From sketching to painting to photography to sculpture, there are a variety of artistic mediums with which we can capture the exquisiteness of the world around us.

One of the most portable and easy to learn methods is colored pencil; just grab your pencils and a pad of paper and you're ready to go.

Artist and instructor Fresia Valdivia uses a wide array of mediums to create her art, with colored pencil producing particularly vivid results.

In her Colored Pencil Art class, Fresia focuses on introducing her students to different materials, techniques, and subjects to inspire their artistic growth.

What inspired you to teach Colored Pencil Art?

I like to transmit techniques and share knowledge related to visual art and handcraft.

Classes in drawing with colored pencils are not very common, and I enjoy teaching this technique for both its uniqueness and its ease of use.

What do you enjoy the most about teaching this class?

I love to see each of my students as they improve class over class.

As they learn to combine colors, apply it in layers, shading, and more, their technique develops and the art they produce reflects their growing skills.

How is this class different from others that you teach?

The other class that I teach -- Creating Art with Recycled Paper & Found Objects -- is a completely different method of artistic expression.

While they both produce beautiful and unique works of art, learning to create with colored pencils is easy!

The results are immediate, and almost everyone can follow simple steps to produce beautiful drawings.

Who would benefit the most from taking Colored Pencil Art?

Anyone, really!

This is a medium that is particularly portable, so anyone who wants to create with minimal required materials and supplies would enjoy learning this technique.

What will students do during each class?

We'll work on technique each time we meet, and learn how to apply them to different subjects such as fruit, flowers, birds, landscapes, portraits, and more.

Tell us about an inspirational teaching moment.

It's always inspiring to me to see students realize they can create something beautiful, and rather quickly!

The moment they see their vision turned into a work of art is wonderful.

By following my guidance and focusing on developing their skills, students will have an easy-to-use artistic tool they can use to capture the vibrancy of their world.