Instructor Spotlight: Geoff Pope

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Fine-Tune Your Communication

For over 25 years, instructor Geoff Pope has been guiding professionals on the finer points of written communication.

In his Proofreading class, he provides expert advice on how you can ensure error-free writing, while his workshop on effective business emails gives you tips on how to receive prompt responses.

Learn more about Geoff's background and experience.

What's your educational & professional background?

I was fortunate to have parents who avidly read and discussed books.

I've also benefited from dedicated educators throughout my life -- from middle school teachers to literature professors -- and spiritual counselors/mentors.

I have two degrees in English and have been a professional editor for more than 30 years.

What do you enjoy the most about teaching your classes at Seattle Central?

Seeing students become better writers and communicators.

What is your most inspirational teaching or learning moment?

The first time a student said, "You're the best teacher I've ever had."

Would you rather have a tiger tail or tiger stripes?

Tiger stripes -- because they couldn't be caught or broken.

Geoff's Favorites


  • Proverbs by King Solomon


  • The Count of Monte Cristo


  • Newsboys, "He Reigns"


  • Any beach with white sand and turquoise water because of its beauty and tranquility, because it’s the setting of my childhood vacations, and it’s the place where my wife likes to go the most.