What’s in Store for Winter Classes

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Boost Your Fitness, Fun, Creativity, Career Change or Job Skills!

By Liza Burke, Marketing Manager

Winter is the darkest, wettest, coldest time of the year here in the Puget Sound region. Some people get sad, some people get SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and some of us just get wet, cold, lazy and grumpy.

What plans do you have to make winter sane and enjoyable this year? Take a stand for your physical and mental health! Treat yourself to a new experience to make your winter bright, right here in sopping Seattle.

Browse classes below and visit our website to see the full lineup.

Picture yourself learning new exciting things! Imagine having fun with new friends -- in winter! Get fit, smart and skilled in just a few short weeks instead of hiding under a blanket.

Hot New Classes

Kizomba: African Tango -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Kizomba - photo courtesy of Neph Drummer.

Check out the exciting new classes awaiting you here on hip Capitol Hill (or online):

Kizomba (African partner dance)
Learn to dance this smooth, sensual, rhythmic partner dance from Angola that has become popular around the globe.

Capitol Hill Jazz Collective
Develop a jazz repertoire and enjoy playing in a swingin' big band style group each week.

Intro to Printmaking
Explore new approaches to your creativity through monotype, collagraph and block printing.

Make beautiful images from dots and paint or ink in this meditative and creative process.

Czech for Travelers
Learn the Czech language from a local native to help you make more meaningful connections visiting this great country.

English as a Second Language: Current Events
Improve your language skills using today's news as your textbook.

Introduction to Printmaking -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Monotype by Alex Chubotin "King of South."

Google Tools Certificate (online)
Increase your online savvy and position yourself and your organization for greater success using Google Tools.

LEED v4 Green Associate Exam Prep & Study Group (online)
Go green for a living - the world needs it! Learn the fundamental concepts of green building through Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and get prepared to pass the test that will land you a cool job.

Medical Office Manager (online)
Develop all of the skills you need to keep a modern medical office running smoothly.

Healthcare Career Training (online)
This is a whole set of classes you can take (like the one above, and many others) that lead to various jobs that are in demand in the healthcare industry. Studying for a few weeks or months is a great investment for a reliable start to a solid career.


While not complete, here is an overview of classes you can take through Continuing Education at Seattle Central College. Tons of great stuff! Again, you'll have to visit our website to see the full lineup.

Move Your Body

Use or it lose it, as they say, and it's true for mind and body. Most classes are geared towards beginners, so don’t be shy if you’re a newbie.

Dance & Movement

Flamenco for Beginners - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Photo courtesy of Mickey Vrlec De La Serna

Fitness, Health & Martial Arts 


Light Your Creative Spark

Do you need to foster your creativity or give your spirit a jump start? You’re in luck. Check out these classes:


Visual Art

Get Skills

Learn how to make or fix things with your hands! Skills that stand the test of time.

Woodworking & DIY Personal Enrichment Classes - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College


Build a Language Bridge

Use your brain differently, break down cultural barriers, or plan a trip to another country, by studying another language.

Expand Your Career Opportunities

Some people might choose to hibernate this winter. You might choose spruce up your professional skills and advance your career goals instead.

Featured Professional Development Classes​

Medical Assistant -- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Browse Professional Development Classes by Sectors