Explore New Classes to Expand Your Horizons this Summer

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By Liza Burke, Marketing Manager

Have you ever noticed you can DO more in the summer? The sun dries out the moss and mold, replacing it with vitamin D and long days.

For those of us living in the major city with the longest summer days (in the contiguous US), due to our northern alignment, this is our time for action.

Whether it’s experimenting with art, discovering dance or martial arts, learning a language, building your boating skills, or expanding your professional proficiencies -- rewarding adventures await you.

To aid you in your life's journey, Continuing Education has created some very special new classes for summer. Read on for the highlights.

New Summer Classes

Fabric Surface Design - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Fabric Surface Design
Go crazy with fabric! Experiment with dying, printing, painting and designing fabric in this creative exploration. This course is part of Seattle Central College's renowned Apparel Design and Development program.
> Mondays & Wednesdays; 6/24-7/17; 6:30-9:30 PM; $259

Fashion Illustration
Design amazing outfits! Enhance your illustration skills and build your fashion and art portfolio. Offered in partnership with the fabulous Apparel Design and Development program.
> Tuesdays & Thursdays; 6/25-7/18; 6:30-9:30 PM; $259



Discover Tuscany, ItalyItalian Painting, Drawing, Photography and Art History - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Go on a guided virtual tour of Tuscany, and gain trip planning tips from a passionate local with insider knowledge in this special one-night class. Taught by Italian Instructor Cecilia Strettoi. Viva l'Italia!
> Wednesday; 6/26; 6-9 PM; $59

Italian Painting, Drawing, Photography and Art History
Learn about Italian art and artists and experiment with their techniques and styles in your own hands-on art exploration. Great preparation for a visit to Italy! Learn from art instructor, extensively published author and international tour guide, Georgetta Gancarz (ask her about her guided trip you can join in August).
> Thursdays; 6/27-8/15; 6:30-8:30 PM; $185



Get funky! Embrace the rhythms and moves of Brazilian dances through a physical workout that combines Funk, Kizomba, and Samba dance styles - perfect to loosen up your body for summertime fun! Led by the dynamic Dora Oliveria.
> Tuesdays; 6/25-8/13; 6-7 PM; $149

Fun-Ki-Samba - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Sound Recording & Production
Learn everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix your own audio projects using Pro Tools digital audio program. Take advantage of expert guidance from professional musician and teacher Brian Kirk.
> Tuesdays; 6/25/19-8/13/19; 7-9 PM; $499


Spanish for Nurses and Health Professionals, Level I
Whether you work in medical or social service setting, learn how to communicate in Spanish with clients and patients in this course designed specifically for you. Taught by Spanish instructor and Certified Medical Translator, Teresa Ramon Joffre.
> Tuesdays; 6/25-8/13; 4-5:30 PM; $199

BOATINGGet to Know Your Outboard Motor - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Ahoy, matey! Check out several new recreational boating classes to boost your skills and enjoyment on your boat this summer.


AutoCAD Bootcamp
Discover the world of computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) by learning how to use AutoCAD in this intensive "bootcamp" special summer course.
> Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays; 6/24-7/17; 4-7 PM; $1295



Authentic Oaxacan Cuisine – Recipes and Traditions from My Mom’s KitchenMole: Authentic Oaxacan Cuisine - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College
Learn to create delicious and authentic comfort food from Oaxaca, Mexico, from Seattle Culinary Academy guest Chef and Instructor Guillermo Carreño.
> Mon; 6/24-7/15; 5-8 PM; $379

Plan Ahead for Fall

Some opportunities take a little planning. This fall we will be rolling out several exciting new programs, including real estate and brewing. We will share details on social media and through our mailing list when they solidify.

In the meantime, yogis, plan ahead for our yoga intensive training program:

Yoga Teacher Training
Share your love of yoga with others and become a certified yoga instructor in this rewarding intensive yoga teacher training program, led by yogi Dee Williams, owner of Kanjin Yoga.
> Fall 2019

Celebrate Summer by Taking a Class

And those are just the NEW classes. If you're interested in personal enrichment and professional development, be sure to browse the wide assortment of classes you can take to build skills, meet people and have fun. Local instructors bring their passion and expertise to share with you in a supportive environment. Come to colorful Capitol Hill, or one of our partner locations, to learn something new!

Subject areas include:Yoga Tree Pose - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

...and professional development opportunities include:

When you’re not BBQing, camping, or walking at the beach this summer, you’ll still have plenty of time to enjoy the long days. Explore new horizons by taking a class and have a great summer!