New Fall Classes: Build Tools to Live Your Best Life

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By Liza Burke, Marketing Manager

OCTOBER UPDATE: See which classes start later in the quarter.

What are your favorite tools?

Tools can be physical things to get a job done. They come in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of jobs, such as a pen, brush, skillet, sewing machine, computer or camera.

Tools can also refer to skills that help you do something, such as first aid, a foreign language, self-defense, project management, a computer program or dance moves. For example, I use project management tools to get projects done at work and speaking Spanish helps me travel in Latin America (usually).

Personal and professional skills can make a big difference in the quality of one's life. Various skills can help you get organized, stay sane, feel healthy, get or keep a job, make friends, save money or feel excited about life. The best news is that most skills can be learned and developed throughout your life!

What would you like to add to your tool kit to make your life better?

Scroll through this slideshow to see images from upcoming classes:


This fall, we're rolling out more than two dozen NEW classes that we think you will like! Here are some highlights:

Book Publishing Arts  - Part 1
Learn the art of publishing your own book -- from writing, to editing, design and final publication (part 2 is in winter).

Craft Distilling Fundamentals - Second section just added due to popularity!
Learn how to craft your own delicious boutique spirits in this introductory DIY distilling class.

Yiddish Language, Music and Culture
Participate in revitalizing the Yiddish language and learn about Yiddish music, songs and culture in this collection of three new classes.

Scotland, Scottish Gaelic and Celtic Culture
Learn about special cultural sites in Scotland, the Scottish Gaelic language, and the art and history of the Celtic culture, in this trio of new fall classes.

Folk Art in Mexico & Indigenous Cultures
Explore diverse and colorful Mexican art and culture with roots that go back thousands of years.

Explore the Planets in our Neighborhood
Expand "the spaceship of our imagination" and your understanding of the universe.

Buster Keaton Movie Nights
Immerse yourself in the dazzling physical comedy, elaborate stunts and elegant craft of Buster Keaton films and discuss these well crafted old films with others.

Lean Team Filmmaking
Learn to make films on a shoestring budget in this class led by an award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Online Czech
Our Czech instructor has created a new dynamic online course that you can enjoy while she is away.

Art History and Appreciation
Learn about Celtic culture, Renaissance art, Yiddish music and indigenous art in Mexico in this new series (offered during weekdays in fall).

Senior Series
Enjoy classes held during week days on diverse topics in this new series designed for older students.


This fall, you can take these special classes. If you're interested, please take note since they are not offered every quarter:

Woodworking for Women - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Continuing Education classes are here to offer you relevant, high quality and accessible personal enrichment and professional development educational opportunities that respond to the evolving needs of our community.

Do you have an idea for a class you'd like us to offer? Contact us! Want to teach a class? Submit a course proposal for winter or spring.