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Course Proposal Form

Course Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in teaching for Seattle Central's Continuing Education program. Please provide us with a much information as possible about your class, as this will help our programming team determine if it's a fit for our students.

Please share with us your teaching and instruction style. How do you present your material, what kind of approach do you use to help your students learn, etc.
What are 3 to 5 learning outcomes that students should expect to take away from this class. What will students learn or gain in this class?
What is this course is about? Why would someone be interested in taking the class? Why is it useful or interesting? 100-200 words.
How many times would you like the class to meet?
For how many hours will each class session last?
Please be sure to indicate AM or PM.
What knowledge or experience does a student need in order to be successful in this class?
Please share the Title, Author, Edition, and ISBN for any texts that students are required to purchase and bring to class.
Please let us know what Seattle Central needs to provide in order to support your class. This includes printed materials, software, equipment, etc.
Please let us know who might be interested in taking this class.
Do you know of communities, professional organizations or other groups that may be interested in knowing about this class? Please share them and we'll include them in our class marketing efforts.

The Continuing Education team is working continuously to improve and expand upon the learning opportunities that we offer.

If you would like to discuss your ideas with someone, please don’t hesitate to contact us.