Instructor Alex Berry | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Alex's Background

Alex Berry is a writer and conceptual artist currently living in Seattle. She has a B.A. in journalism from the University of Georgia and focused on performance art in her graduate studio practice at The Savannah College of Art and Design.

Berry has published in Emergency Index, Infusion Magazine,, Atlanta INtown Paper, and in Quilt Stories—a collaborative project with the NAMES Project Foundation and AIDS Memorial Quilt. She has had a reading at the Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) and has shown her work at galleries around Atlanta including Whitespace Gallery, Sycamore Place Gallery, Cherrylion Studios, and Mason Murer Fine Art. She's shown in Berlin, London, and Brooklyn and done projects and performances in India, Morocco, and Liberia, West Africa.

Her interdisciplinary work explores the cramped spaces of social identity through writing, conceptual art, performance, body art, video and social intervention. Currently, she is focused on investigative art practices and collective re-identity to actively encourage alternative education.

Alex's Teaching Style & Approach

My philosophy of teaching and student learning for art education is rooted in two primary goals:

  1. Promote comparison between students’ background and course content
  2. Encourage collaboration and engagement

I believe these two principles when dissected focus on two exceptionally important learning factors: 1) self and 2) others. By challenging students to find similarities between unlike contexts and personal background, I intend to nurture what art education seeks to obtain: Critical thinking of diverse real world perspectives.

I attempt to meet the students where they are, to promote interest and understanding of new concepts based on comparison and evaluation with their individual lives. I ground instruction in collaborative efforts to further examine students' preexisting knowledge and experiences through active engagement with others.

So it is with this foundation, that my primary teaching objective is to challenge students to see universalities in the cultural, social, and political content that underlies student and professional work, whether in seminar or studio style courses.

I see teaching as communication and engagement between myself, as the facilitator, and the student, who is not limited to an absolute definition as 'learner.' By keeping the paradigm open, I seek to challenge students to embrace their capabilities as interdisciplinary teachers, learners, collaborators, and cohorts while in a learning environment.

I also promote active participation; and seek to involve students with direct experiences that enforce exploration of their environment. Though assignments require engagement, I retain openness of evaluation depending on various strengths and personal adjustments of students.

While embracing these concepts of teaching, I also acknowledge the differences in course structure based on enrollment, specific student background, curriculum expectations, and class content. Keeping a continual open teaching platform that navigates accordingly allows me to assess and evaluate based on students as personalities, rather than adhering to a strict, personal teaching regimen. By striving towards a blend of facilitator and delegator style of teaching, I continue to guide student discovery and push inquiry for lifelong learning.

Class materials are presented through a mix of PowerPoint/lecture, but mostly through active dialogue and experimentation.