Anthony's Background

Anthony Harris is native to Seattle and as such grew up appreciating the natural beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up during the Civil Rights movement fueled Anthony's passion for equality and social justice. Anthony became interested photography as a way to tell stories, showcase topics and, provide education.

Anthony studied photography at Seattle Central College and immediately began to focus and develop his skill. Over the last twenty five years Anthony's become highly sought after for his technical, photography and videographer skills, and his ability to create and produce high quality materials to brand and market a range of projects in print and web mediums.

Anthony's worked in a variety of venues and events providing video and photography services for a range of organizations and occasions including community/cultural events, city/state government, philanthropic religious/spiritual where the events range from weddings, pregnancy photo shoots, homegoing services (funerals), fundraisers, preschool graduations, Mayor Neighborhood walks, Black Prisoners Caucus Summits, Birthday parties, Dedication Ceremonies, and more.

Anthony has developed a photojournalist style that he uses and applies to industrial environmental assignments. He's worked with Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Human Services, Parks, the Mayor's Office, Office of Civil Rights and other City Departments. His photography has been published in trade magazines, newspapers, web publications and posters. Anthony has expanded his skills to also include video and mixed media presentations.

Anthony's Testimonials

The handouts were extremely helpful and detailed. I also learned a lot through the assignments and by reviewing the data of my own photos (seeing what settings worked, what didn't work).


I enjoyed the way in which the instructor tailored class discussion to the specific wants/desires of the students.

Anthony's Classes