Instructor Barbara Jarrett | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Barbara's Background

Barbara Jarrett grew up as an only child in Seattle, and she wanted to be a teacher since the age of 5.

After receiving her bachelor's Degree from Seattle University and her Master's Degree from Kittrell College a Methodist College, Barbara went on to teach for the Seattle Public Schools for fourteen years.

During her career, Barbara has also worked as the coordinator for the City of Seattle's Gang Intervention Program, then worked for two of her students who are attorneys.

In 2003, she returned to her first love -- teaching -- at Seattle Central College's Seattle Vocational Institute in Basic and Transitional studies, becoming tenured faculty in 2014.

Barbara feels that teaching has been very rewarding because of the students she has interacted with. She has taught classes in GED, High School 21+, ABE, and ESL.

Barbara's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present materials to your students?

Clay P. Bedford clearly states her style, "You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives”. My methods for presenting materials to students vary depending on their learning styles and skills.

Inclusion is what is important having students be a part of their learning, through handouts, videos, the internet, community speakers and field trips.

How do you work with and interact with your students?

Not being the traditional lecturer, I prefer to interact know their needs and through positive reinforcement that they can and will reach their goal is my approach. Knowing their skills fears and needs also helps me assist the student in reaching their goal.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

A Family, we are all one with different views and backgrounds but in the end, mutual respect is what is the key. We not always agree but we must RESPECT each other.

Barbara's Classes