Instructor Carolyn Brenith | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Carolyn's Background

A graduate of Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts, Carolyn became a licensed massage therapist after experiencing therapeutic massage as a patient. She was continually impressed by how massage can relieve pain, improve posture and increase athletic performance.

Carolyn has a private practice for therapeutic and sports massage. She started teaching as a way to make massage more accessible to more people so they can benefit from its healing powers.

Her goal is to give students the skills needed to care for one another in the comfort of their home without special equipment like a massage table.

Carolyn continues to be fascinated by how touch and physical manipulation can help the body. She believes touch truly is an amazing tool to share, and she is thrilled to be teaching this course.

Carolyn's Teaching Style & Approach

Carolyn explains a technique while performing it in slow motion so that students can copy and follow along. After demonstrations, she likes to have practice time when students can experiment, ask questions and receive hands on corrections.

Carolyn's Classes