Erik Davis - Maritime Instructor | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Erik's Background

Erik Davis is a seasoned professional Merchant Marine, whose career in the maritime community spans 18 years and includes sailing with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a few local Seattle Based companies.

During his career, Erik has trained, developed and mentored many Junior Deckhands and Officers. He has been a US Coast Guard certified Maritime Instructor for nine years and enjoys teaching topics such as knots and Marline Spike to students.

When he's not teaching or at sea, Erik enjoys making beer and tasting at the many local and famous breweries -- even occasionally helping friends who own a brewery to craft beer that is shared at events.

Erik's Teaching Style & Approach

How do you present materials to your students?

I enjoy a hands-on and a team effort and believe that we all have unique knowledge and backgrounds that we can share with each other.

When it comes to knot tying, the class will work a mellow pace while giving everyone a chance to learn to tie the knots and enjoy their time.

While we learn in this class, we will enjoy getting to know each other, sharing stories, and sampling a few local beers.

How do you work with and interact with your students?

Teaching is an art of communication and sharing knowledge, and recognizing that we all have different levels of knowledge.

My class is focused on learning and enjoying your time while also allowing open dialog and plenty of time to ask questions.

The key is to learn and enjoy the experience.

What kind of classroom dynamic do you promote?

People in my class will find that it is a very informative, hands-on, and practical while also giving them the chance to enjoy local beer and meet new friends.

I want to promote a fun atmosphere and a great opportunity to learn some valuable knots for the future.

Erik's Classes