Instructor Nareerat "Toi" Woosley - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Toi's Background

Toi was born and raised in Thailand.

She completed her BA in journalism from Thammasat University in Thailand. 

Her first career was working with the editorial board for JAMA, the only English medical publication in Thailand.

She is passionate about foods and loves quality home cooking style since she was very young. 

The majority of her career was working in the travel industry, mainly in hotel management.

Toi has worked in numerous industries including television, airline and hotel.  

She has worked as a trainer in business and educational institutions, focusing on customer service, sales and marketing.

Currently she is an entrepreneur for a small food manufacture and importer for “ToiSauce”. 

Toi's Teaching Style & Approach

Teaching is one of Toi's passions.

She loves to meet all students of different ages and cultures and promotes a lively, fun classroom with active and nonstop leaning.   

In her Thai language classes, Toi encourages speaking with an emphasis on pronunciation, to improve tones.  

The class uses a book and In each chapter, students will learn easy Thai words, phrases, vocabulary and idioms to use in easy conversations.

She likes to share resources for Thai cultural experiences such as restaurants meeting Thai people and travel.

Toi's Classes