Instructor Juergen Themann- Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Juergen's Background

Juergen Themann has taught German language at Seattle Central College's Continuing Education program for over a year.

A native of Germany, he holds two Master's degrees in sociology and the social sciences, with an emphasis upon statistical
research methods.

He has 18 years of social work experience in family welfare and public assistance.

Currently, Juergen works for the Washington Department of Social and Health Services in social services.

Juergen's personal interests include, but are not limited to, domestic and international travel, learning foreign languages, and staying
physically active.

Juergen's Teaching Style & Approach

In the classroom, Juergen welcomes all students.

He emphasizes speaking and encourages students to practice using the language.

In addition to lecture, he involves students in one-on-one as well as group interactions and discussions of current socio-economic topics.

Juergen wants students to be able to learn the language within their time constraints as busy adults.

He welcomes students to be involved in the class agenda, making comments and suggestions along the way to create a positive class experience.