Instructor Silvie Opatrna Johanson - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Silvie's Background

Silvie was born in Prague and lived in the Czech Republic until the age of 18; she has been living in Seattle and teaching Czech since 1999.

She lived in London for 12 months and in Israel for 15 months.

Silvie's enthusiasm for travel has taken her to most European countries as well as the Middle East, the source of her most enriching and eye-opening experiences.

She provides individual instruction to private students and groups in the greater Seattle area and on Skype.

Silvie used to teach at the University of Washington Experimental College and Rick Steves' Europe.

Teaching is her passion and she loves to share her knowledge of her first language and the Czech culture.

In addition to teaching, Silvie translates documents from English to Czech and vice versa and she edited a Czech textbook for MiLanguages.

Silvie's Teaching Style & Approach

I enjoy a fun, interactive, engaged, and experiential learning environment with mutual respect.

I present materials in many ways, depending on the topic. I use visual aids with photos and colors; we practice dialogues and role-playing, repeat words and phrases and ask each other questions.

In my class, we focus on conversational Czech and developing listening and speaking skills.

We spend a lot of time practicing pronunciation so students feel confident and enjoy speaking.

I write up dialogues that serve as an inspiration to talk.

We usually practice pronunciation, conversation, vocabulary and basic grammar in every class.

My teaching style is conversational and interactive and I use humor whenever appropriate.

I encourage students to participate and ask questions.