Instructor Todd Zimberg - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Todd's Background

Todd has been teaching and performing in the Northwest since the mid-eighties.

His background includes years of performance and recording in blues, jazz, big band and rock genres.

He earned a Masters in Music degree at the University of Washington in 1998 and hasbeen at Highline College as an adjunct professor since 2002.   

Todd taught instrumental music at Seattle Academy of Arts and Science for a decade and coached an after school jazz group at Vashon High School leading to an award winning finish at the Reno Jazz Festival in 2015.

He has taken students on trips to Ghana to study drumming on four occasions and plan to do so again.

In addition to music, Todd loves to play tennis!

Todd's Teaching Style & Approach

The Capitol Hill Jazz Collective will be a rehearsal class that is meant to be very interactive. 

We will work on a few areas regularly and develop a book of pieces that we enjoy playing. The group will sight read and look at new material regularly. We will develop a repertory of pieces that may be viewed as the core material, working toward the goal of the “book” to draw from for performance. Finally, the band will develop specialized and harder pieces that are out of the comfort zone to push the group to excel.

I set goals for the group and develop a routine for tuning and warming up for each rehearsal so students know what to expect. Everyone will have an understanding of what we are working to achieve at each rehearsal and an overall goal, or an arc, of where we are heading, leading towards a performance. I like to afford some time at rehearsals for individual sections to meet and have an opportunity to work on the material to achieve a sense of camaraderie in the section and to develop ensemble strength.

I try to create a comfortable environment where students feel open to explore improvisation and cooperation. We have to all feel good making music together, and the process is more important than the product.

I like to keep the pace moving in rehearsals. I tend to make short comments that can be processed quickly then do another take. I like to encourage all members of performing groups that I coach to solo and engage in improvisation.

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