Instructor Yarrow Rotskoff - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Yarrow's Background

After working in the business world for nearly two decades, Yarrow wanted a new chapter in her career, using her hands and creativity instead of sitting behind a computer.

Yarrow graduated from Seattle Central’s Wood Technology Cabinetry Program and found woodworking and teaching to be challenging yet extremely fun and rewarding.

Hands-on creative projects have proven to be an excellent way to offset her often busy work and home life.

She has found woodworking and teaching expand her knowledge and learning ability in a way that is tangible and fun.

Yarrow says "Learning how to use woodworking tools is empowering and exciting."

Yarrow's Teaching Style

Yarrow uses a mix of demonstrations and lectures with lots of hands-on training and practice in groups during her classes.

She works alongside a teaching assistant to provide more hands-on support for each student as needed.

Each class, after the lessons, demonstrations and training are complete, students work independently and in groups on an assigned project that gives each person a chance to practice skills and techniques.

Yarrow's classes have a casual and supportive environment and she uses humor in her teaching to create a positive classroom and workshop experience.

Because each technique and training session builds on the next, attendance and close attention is important.

With that in mind, she strives to make the class easygoing with lots of opportunity to get a snack or take a break to ensure students can stay engaged.

Yarrows Testimonials

The instructors Yarrow and Cooper were very helpful and knowledgeable about woodworking.They were excellent in making sure students felt safe and confident in applying the concepts we learned about the woodworking tools to actual practice. - Roxanne


Yarrow was an excellent instructor and Cooper was an awesome aide. I would not hesitate to take a class from either of them in the future or recommend them to a friend. - Emily


This class was amazing. The instructor was great, upbeat/funny all while going the extra mile to assure we were safe. Project was great and TA was knowledgeable and great addition to the class. -Turgan


Instructors made it non-intimidating and easy to ask questions. And fun. - Vicki Legman

Yarrow's Classes