Instrucor Jill Hutchinson - Continuing Education at Seattle Central College

Jill's Background

Jill is a PNW native and University of Washington alumna (she says: "Go Dawgs!").

She’s worked in some form of training or instructional design her entire career, starting with writing a 100-page manual in three weeks for a local hotel.

Jill also authored 3D game design courses, learned to play World of Warcraft for her job, hounded research scientists to complete Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) training, and taught former home care aides how to be instructors.

Now she works at Tableau, writing customer training and immersing herself in the world of data science.

Jill's Teaching Style & Approach

My instructional approach is to make the material relevant and engaging.

Expect demonstrations, group discussions, and independent projects with lots of support from me and other students.

There will be lots of hands-on practice and demonstration.

Data science isn’t dry! It’s fascinating. My presentation style communicates that passion.

In this type of learning environment, collaboration is very important, so I will ask for feedback on how to make sure the class fits your needs.

Conversation between all of us is key to making the learning experience useful for everyone.

Students should walk away with applicable skills they can use in their work.

To that end, class time will be focused on practical skills (with a foundation of theory to support us).

Jill's Classes