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Lauren's Background

Lauren Vignec is a financial advisor and accountant associated with Erickson Wealth and Tax Management.

He's also a pastor at Salishan Mission, and a street dancer in the Shadow Shifters crew.

Lauren is also the co-author of The Bogleheads' Guide to Retirement Planning , published by Wiley and Sons.

Lauren's Teaching Style & Approach

The material is presented primarily through a lecture format, but there is a website that contains all the class information (plus a lot more) so that students can easily refresh their memory.

We have discussed the idea of having students talk about their own financial situation in the class, but most students are quite opposed to that. Since I am a financial advisor in real life, I do offer one free meeting with any student who wishes to have in depth personal help. I would say maybe 20% of the students take up that offer.

For the most part, the class is dedicating to showing students that simple investing strategies can be very effective, and by simple I mean both simple and incredibly easy to implement.

So even though much of the information in the class is challenging, unlike almost everything else in life, the concrete application is easier than the theory.

Lauren's Testimonials

The instructor was very entertaining, knowledgeable, and accessible. He also had a realistic goal for the students. -- Patrick

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