Instructor Mary Ohno | Seattle Central College - Continuing Education

Mary's Background

Mary Ohno is an accomplished artist, and Naga-uta shamisen musician. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, she is fluent in both Japanese and English.

In 1992, she began teaching the popular and dramatic art form of Kabuki dancing, music, and stage make-up at Seattle Central College.

Mary received the "Gordon Ekvall Tracie Award" from the Ethnic Heritage Council in February, 2002. This Award is given to an ethnic performing artist who has made significant contributions in the development and presentation of the traditional arts in the United States. Mary Ohno is the first Japanese recipient, and the first Asian Artist to be chosen for this prestigious award.

Mary's Testimonials

I love dancing! Kabuki is so vastly different from Western dance. I am thrilled to be able to be part of a unique and traditional cultural experience.


I enjoy learning the stories that goes with the traditional songs and music pieces.


Mary Ohno's way of expression through music and dance is incredible. It's not often to find a teacher who not only cares about the subject matter but lives it daily. -- Jennifer Dowling

Mary's Classes